Osirys Services

We have over 20 years of experience with client/server, network, and internet technologies.

We provide a range of services from pre-sales consulting, solution design, architecture vetting, product and technology selection, to project planning, installation, training, health checks, site assessments, troubleshooting, and support.

Our Service and Support Options Include:


Repairs, Upgrades, Clean Ups. We have the all the tools we need at our lab to fix more advanced problems. Give us a call so we can set up an appointment!

On Site

Yes, we will come to your location and assisit you. Sometimes troubleshooting and repairs must be done on-site. For instance, setting up a printer or Internet or WiFi connection problems.

Pick Up and Drop Off

We provide pick up and drop of services for your convenience and ours. There won't be a long service call at your home or office and moreover, we can repair your computer in-house and multitask on other things. This saves you money and allows us to be more productive.

Remote Access 🛈

We provide a remote connection to your computer to help fix small issues. We can gather information and determine if an onsite repair is needed. Or simply to answer questions about that funny thing your computer is doing.

Basic Stuff

  • Productivity:

    The Price of Inactivity is Great!

    You can apply this to the following:
    1. Computer Speed (how much time wasted waiting for the computer)
    2. Employee Time (how much time spent on social networking or gaming)
    3. Internet (is your internet connection fast enough?)
    4. Threats/Security (how much downtime can you afford from malware down time?)
    5. Smoke breaks.

    Does NOT include:
    1. Depreciation.
    2. Warranty/Repair Reduction.
    3. Power Savings.
    4. Customer Satisfaction (faster lookup/processing of information,
    and most of all customer loss due to impatience).

  • Revenue:

  • Client Loss:

  • Overall Loss:

    Does NOT include:
    1. Various expenses not included in Payroll.
    2. Interest to Vendors or Financial Institutions.